Πέμπτη, 21 Απριλίου 2011

heart treasures

Since I've opened my own bussiness, "HALLELUJAH" it was like I had my second child. I've devoted myself to it day and night, for three years now,but as a reward I've met great people, amazing women that stand up for my ideals for the species,and give me all the strength I need to keep going, everyday,without giving up by difficulties....
all these women are generous at heart,always doing small gracefull gestures to show their love,like bringing me lovely plants and flowers or yammy sweets they know I like.
But what is really touching is when they come with old boxes filled with their diceased mothers sewing stuff...telling me that Im the only person they would give these little treasures, knowing I ll value them...that is such a great honor for me.
I just loved the beautiful crusifix I found in Polinas mum stuff...I hung Him over bathrooms light so I can see Him everyday.And all those pieces of old laces....
The 60's chocolate box Barbara's mum was keeping her buttons...
A pattern for beads craft from Polina's mum hand....
Latest treasure a piece of amazing fabric Milena gave to me ....its all emroidered with little human figures ....beautiful.
Another treasure I found in the basement is the vintage signage of the flower shop that was here from the 60's.Sylvia suggested I put it upstairs...I did and it looks great....
Im very happy to share these heart treasures with you ...
hope you like them....

to my lovely daughter Katerina:You are the greatest love of my life,my biggest treasure...my heartbeat...love you soooo much(sorry I have to work so hard)
promise to take you to Paris soon...

Κυριακή, 10 Απριλίου 2011

King Sun, setting....

I saw the most amazing sunset today ,from Ymittos all the way to Elefsina...I've never seen this view before but now that I know, I want to experience it again.
It was a last minute's call to Atalanti,I had the idea of having some ouzaki by the sea,but she suggested walking on Ymittos instead, so I thought that it would be a good strech out for Semeli too.Semeli is our 9 year old german shepard...and a great character too...she couln't beleive that we were doing such an outdoor expedition out of the blue.
So the three of us,discovered a tiny path, climbed at a high spot,watched the view,had some good loughs and couln't stop mentioning great interest places in reachdistance from the sity, that we never visit such as Keramikos,Elefsina,Agora and so on.
But when the sun,enthroned like the greatest King, he is,right on top of the mountain the Glory was so great that we stoped talking.
I felt as I was no longer myself, I was just beeing,without carrying any identity of any kind,not wanting,not dreaming,not wishing,nothing.....but everything..

littlle things that make our day....

So yesterday as I mentioned in previous post,lovely Irene,posed for me in a no-concept,no make up,no lights,no worries, shooting for summer's accesories.
She came straight from her rehearsal for Medea (she is in the chorus-great start!)
We had a great time...she is such a great kid just like her sister Angelika and I love them both ....I've discovered qualities in them, that are rare such as wormth,grace and above all great sense of humor wich for me is so unreplaceable virtue.
Irene was commenting on every ring,bracelet or neclace and as she is a good actress, was trying to get into the mood of every designer....had her most laughs wearing Rallou's happy fabric neclaces,loved Anna-Maria's bright colored pieces,laughed with mine huge ping-pong necklaces and her clever body was adjusting at once in every move.
soon on website
hope you like
I love all these little things....and the people that create them are amazing.....

from darkness to light again

This past week has been difficult and lonely.
Sometimes even if you're surrounded by many people you feel lonely.Thoughts about existance,trust,loss,inner route, have been haunting me, and the city seemed desperately deserted...watching people sinking in insecurity and isolation makes me feel sad.From sociological point of view nobody can be happy anymore.
Societies are falling apart by the boot of the greedy beast of rulers.The same game over and over through history.It never stops.
So I did'nt feel like posting and if I did,I would probably post this dog's sad figure that I meet on my way home every night by the tube.
But from yesterday aftenoon,my mood started to change first by the laughs we had with Irene,as we were shooting on her beautifull,healthy features hallelujah summer accesories.
Laughing makes your belly shake and endorfines are spreading all over your body.
Its the best medicine.
And this morning when I woke up and came face to face with King Sun,all bad feelings scattered away and all the bad vibes I've received from people went back where they belong.....and thats faaaar away in the universe somewhere the're harmless for humanity.
Now I feel light and transparent again,ready to love.....

Πέμπτη, 7 Απριλίου 2011


This time of year,my body is working hard, as always, at the city,but my soul is at the country in our beloved Stomio a place full of memories full of scents...
I imagine myself picking up ripe red tomatoes from the backyard, peperoncini,eggplants,zuccini adding herbs and preparing lovely courses full of color and flavor.
After lunch we go for long walks at the forest and pass to light a candle at Santa Paraskevi's little church.
The air is so rich there,fills you with love,and everything you see is so beautifull,that brings tears to your eyes.
That's real life to me.Nature asks for nothing and gives everything.The city asks for all your energy and gives you nothing,exept maybe a fake satisfaction of your ego.
I dream of living there...who knows maybe someday I will...

Τετάρτη, 6 Απριλίου 2011

Bauhaus night

Last night I crossed the street and took some photos of one my favorite buildings in Athens.
The National Concervatory building,that currently hosts National Contemporary Art Museaum.
Desighed by Ioannis Despotopoulos (1903-1992).Born in Asia Minor,grown up in the island of Chios and left to study architecture in Germany.
He enrolled in the Bauhaus School while studing in Weimar.Returned to Greece and left again to work in Sweeden.His story is very interesting cause like all great spirits was never appreciated in his own country.Started this project in 1967 finished 1975.
I love pioneers and hard working people of all times.
This is a today's building we all should know better.
I feel lucky working so close to such interesting architecture,I m thinking of doing a photo shooting for one of my coming collections there.
Enjoy ....simplicity